Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Night

Had a good night yesterday; Brian came home finally lol. We went swimming 'cause it got ridiculously hot during the day. Allison came over later when she got out of work and I made chocolate pancakes and quesadillas for everyone :) I love to cook and make stuff. He left WTO her again lol. (they better be having earth shattering sex, 'cause I'm getting seriously lonely lol. They hinted at getting married as they were leaving, and they probaly should (they've only been dating 7 years now lol.

It was a good day at work too, for the most part anyway. I had an altercation with one of the tutors, but I'm past it, and i reall don't wanna get into it here.

I'm actually blogging from my iPod at work :) it hoes rwLly well and smoothly, which I like. It's probably 'cause it feels like a phone, and i have speedy fingers ;)

Well, I should be working, so I'll post at home later today.


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