Sunday, July 18, 2010


I had an overall good weekend; played pool with Talia at the bowling alley. The guy at the desk knows us by now and he had the balls ready for us to take lol. He's cute :) Anyway, I kept up pretty well this time around and I had an overall lead until I sunk in the 8-ball in the wrong pocket the last two games. I lost 6-5. :( but oh well.

We made plans to hang out yesterday, but her deranged father took the family to Ruidoso, up state, randomly for the day (he does that sometimes). So: nothing yesterday, expect for the fact that I bought LEGO Harry Potter, which was wicked fun. Lil' brother and I have gotten and beaten every single LEGO game to date. :)

Today, Elsie, my cousin who now lives in Chicago, came into town to visit. We all had a good time, and then I made the drive back here to my place. Brian's still at Allison's, 'cause she couldn't catch a plane back from wherever she went. So I yet again find myself alone, which is nice, 'cause it's probably the first time I can hear myself think.

Should be a good day at work tomorrow, I hope.

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