Thursday, July 15, 2010

The answer lies in...

My creative-ness was on fire today. Got a boat-load of re-writting done today. I also got some editing done at work, when we weren't busy and during my lunch break. I added this really cool scene towards the beginnings; to be honest, I'm still not sure what is really going on or who the characters are (they're wearing cloaks), but I'm sure I'll reveal that to myself this weekend? haha, it's kinda funny how the mind works sometimes.

Work was rather fun today, I must say. Kept pretty busy for the most part; our more annoying students didn't show up today, so I super glad about that. Boss-lady was interviewing this new writing tutor in the afternoon, but he'll be working at another campus (I was like, rats!).

I didn't actually say "rats."

In any case, I find myself alone tonight. Brian's spending the night at Allison's place 'cause she needs him to drive her to the airport early (really really early) tomorrow morning. It's kinda nice, 'cause I can blog without having to click away really fast when he walks around lol.

I broke a personal rule of mine and went on YouTube today to look up cutscene of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep... normally, I don't like knowing anything about a game before I buy it (other than what it's about) and I saw a good amount of spoilers... still gonna buy and now I'm super stoked for it!! Ah!

I'm going back home to my parents for the weekend, but I'll still make a post before I leave and then again on Sunday night when I get back.

For now,


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