Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to School

School's been going great so far. Been in school for two days, and we already have a three-day weekend! I suppose they do that for the kids that live in the dorm and apartments; just in case you forgot something back home, even though we had a little over a month to pack it all up. But don't get me wrong, I don't mind this at all :)

Been hanging out with Jon a lot these last two days. Jon's an old friend from high school, but we've never really been this close. I suppose it's because he's finally moving here to our college town. He's moved in with my best friend, Amber, who I'm pissed off at the moment. Yes, yes I am. We planned a ski trip a while back and had most of the details ironed out. In the meantime, she's been going up to the ski resort and dating this instructor guy who somehow knows her family (her family knows a lot of people, believe me). Anyway, she decided to ditch us for this guy and she attempted to dress it up... It's hard to explain, and I'm not necessarily angry anymore, so why bother? In any case, this will all blow over and we'll all be friends again.

Brian and Allison (Brian was my roommate last semester) wanted to host a game-night this weekend, and I haven't received word from them, so I'm starting to wonder what's going to happen. Jon and I already made plans to watch the Colts game tomorrow (Jon's an insane Colts fan!). I myself prefer college sports over pro (go Oklahoma SOONERS!). This will be fun, I know it. I know so because there will be booze, and Jon and I are hilarious when we're drunk. :)

Eric, my boyfriend, is coming over tonight. I discovered how to set up my TV tuner on my laptop using Windows Media Center today, and "The Lake House" is airing later tonight. Sandra Bullock stars in that movie of course, and Eric is a huge fan of hers; needless to say, we'll only be watching the first half of the movie before... well, you know ;)

He surprised me yesterday, actually (while we're on subject). I made dinner for us last night, and we attempted to watch a DVD. My laptop failed at reading the disk, so we watched a movie on my hard-drive: "Crash" (again, with Sandra Bullock; boy, I was lucky). Anyway, we were making out on my bed, and I was under the impression that we would not be doing anything special (special meaning sexual, in this case) because it was a school night, etc. So, when he starts taking clothes off, I'm thinking "Well, we gotta sleep naked anyway, right?" Anyway, one thing leads to another and suddenly I find myself asking, "You sure you want me to go in there?" He says yes, and we have amazing sex for the first time! And that's great, 'cause oral was getting old (and he's not that good at it anyway). And when I say, "My turn!" he tells me he's not a top. And I'm thinking, "Oh, Hell no!" To be perfectly honest, I consider myself to the top in the relationship; however, I still wanted a piece of the action!

He's coming over in less than an hour. With this new piece of information, I will be a little more outgoing with my bottom-boy; seeing as how he has more needs than me, I will be more than happy to indulge them... I probably won't be posting about my sex life; the only reason this story is here is more to share my disappointment at his lack of top-skills than to display my personal life.

In any case, this will be a good weekend. And I plan to enjoy it as much as possible. I have a few homework assignments that need to be done before Tuesday; those will likely be taken care of Sunday or Monday. That said, goodnight.


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