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February 2011

[Feb. 1, 2011]

Had a well crappy day yesterday, but I've decided that it's all in the past. I've decided to just let it all go and have a good day  today, which I am up to this point.

260 [beginner's matlab programming] was pointless as always. A class that early should be a little more interesting or engaging. We learned abut if-else structures, which are almost self-explanatory. Speech lab was also pointless, but less so than 260. Worked on our speeches' outlines; then, we worked on some exercise, to which I saw no goal, but who knows.

I'm at work now. I parked in a questionable space... I'm gonna go move it in a little bit hopefully and not have a repeat of yesterday - oh wait! that's in the past!)

It's shaping up to be a good night.


I guess what I'm most scared about is my possible future; it feels to be slipping away, more and more rapidly. Career fair is tomorrow and I'm completely unprepared for it! [A three-day snow storm would cancel said career fair].

Two-and-a-half hours left of work...

P.S. Jon is gonna ask Brittany out today. I hope he succeeds.

[Feb. 7]

Gus stopped by looking for Rosemary, our other supervisor. He really didn't even say hi, it actually was kinda hurtful. But I think I will be alright.


Of all my years, this has been the most lonesome times. I usually start dating in November, but not this last time; and I haven't been the same since winter break. I wish I knew what to do...

Been reading 'A thousand splendid suns' by Khaled Hosseini. It's really really good, just as his 1st book, 'the kite runner.'


Jonathan sucks at physics apparently, btw. Daniel's sitting across from me on another table... let's just say, I'm liking the view :) [Yes, I checked out my to-be-boyfriend at work! haha]


Aero meeting again tonight. We're almost done designing and will hopefully move onto manufacturing soon.


Been having a good week so far. Stayed up 'till 3am on tuesday to finish my aero/fluids report. It came out really nice, I thought; I did have to revise it before turning it in.


In class at the moment; lecture hasn't started and there's a few minutes before we get started anyway. A lot of stuff has been going down that I've chosen t overlook until yesterday night.

It's no secret that I've been in the aero team for DBF. I've had a near perfect meeting attendance record; having only missed two meetings at the most. Has my leadership been sub-par? Yes. Could I have helped with w/ this problem? Perhaps. But I -have- participated in all discussions, have contributed my opinion and expertise on all matters and decisions. Have I contributed to the team? Yes. I've been an integral part of the team, much like everybody else.

And things started getting weird. It all began when the officers began discussing who was gonna go to competition [in Tucson]. I must confess that I held little interest in going to Tucson and I would gladly have given my seat to someone who deserved it more.

And then the capstone people got involved w/ the project and began to undermine all our work! I must say that i was taken aback by the sudden progress (why didn't Wes push like Brett did?)

At first, the officers though about taking capstone to Tucson. But as none of them are aiaa members and did not pay dues, that went out the door. And that was when I became interested in going.

And then, there was a meeting last Saturday from which I had to leave early. I still haven't heard the end of it... On my way out, I passed Orville, who ended up saying "No wonder Wes doesn't want to take you!"


It's been decided that I don't care about anything that's happening up to this point... whether or not I go on the dbf team trip is of no consequence anymore. If I go on the trip, great. If not, great. If get "picked" to go, I'll go and make sure I room w/ Jon and/or Adam, cuz [sic] I refuse to room w/ strangers.

Otherwise, it's been a good couple of days. Almost out from work at the moment. Lots of math students today.

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