Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Mid-Term Season

Had a midterm in Thermo on Friday and another in Physics today. I felt great on the Thermo, surprisingly. But this Physics test was very strange; it was one of those way-too-easy tests that you second guess yourself on... but overall, I should at least get a high B. I have a third midterm in Aero next Monday, and a fourth in Analysis coming up shortly. My test in Orbital should be soon too, assuming we have two midterms scheduled.

Been having a good couple days. I've tried to write as much as possible; I'm almost with the main plot and dialogue of my story. It's been a long road, and I'm excited to start working on the details. There isn't enough time to describe this story right now, but maybe I'll post something soon.

Been watching the Olympics, of course. Can't get enough of short track speed skating. Between Apollo and this new kid, J.R. Celski... oh my! Lol. Figure skating is my other favorite. Not really into any of the other sports, except for snowboarding and skiing.

Rest of the week should go without a hitch.


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